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26 octobre 2016


Through « every photograph has a story », I want to focus on a specific picture that I took, in order to give you some insight, some details about the location, the situation and the general mood when that shot was taken.

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Photo: Girl with a bird.
Date. 12 June 2015
Location. Mai Châu District, Viêt Nam
EXIF. 105 mm, ISO 100, 1/250, f8

June 2015. I am still living in Hanoi, the capital. Since I had to work there the whole week and even on the weekends, short trips to the countryside were quite rare. However, I managed to escape to Mai Châo, a remote village known for its paddy fields and particular landscapes. As soon as we arrived, I knew I had to wake up early the next morning to capture the sunrise and the Vietnamese families on their way to the fields. The day after, by 7 o’clock, I already had dozens of pictures ready to be published.

We were going for a walk in the villages when I first saw this little girl playing alone by the river. She was carrying something around. I got closer to have a better look. That’s when I realized she had trapped a bird, tied it by the neck and she was catching it back every time it tried to escape. As I was trying to photograph this unreal scene, she stared at me several times without smiling.

I was obviously bothering her. Usually, I give up when people don’t want to be photographed. But here, I knew I had something special. The lights, the composition and subjects of the scene were fascinating. I waited for her to turn around and click! The picture was mine.

This photograph has a special meaning for me. The contrast between the bright colors, the insouciance of the child and the cruelty of the scene is striking. People tend to be amazed by it, before realizing she was torturing that bird.
I still consider this picture as one of my best shot.

·Bonus· there’s a video made by my friend Pierre about our little trip to Mai Châo. Check it on Vimeo!

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